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By Trevor Suffield

Dec. 25, 2008

Spend time with Doug Mackie and you’ll get the feeling there aren’t enough hours in a day.

The 68-year-old St. James native was recently awarded one of six nationwide Toyota Never Quit awards, which recognize people who constantly volunteer their time to benefit others and the community.

Mackie, who grew up in Crescentwood, has six children from two marriages. It was his daughter, Lisa, who nominated him for the award.

Lisa, who lives in Saskatoon, received help from two of her sisters with the application. The example he set for them was the inspiration for nominating him, she says.

“He’s been a life-long volunteer throughout all of his life, and continues to be, and I just thought that this was really cool,” she said.

Lisa said that she was thrilled when she found out her father won.

“It’s a fantastic recognition of all that he’s done for Winnipeg, and for us,” she said.

Mackie’s contributions include serving on the board of organizations such as the Friends of the Conservatory, Scouts Manitoba and the Jubilee Fund.

“I hope that I’ve been able to contribute a little bit to those communities and organizations,” said Mackie, who currently works as an independent financial planner.

“Sometimes I guess it’s because I saw a vision, or thought that there was a need and I was willing to take the initiative.”

Mackie is also the founding president of the Manitoba Travel Agents association, which came by the way of the family travel business, Mackie Travel Service.

At 19-years-old he was working in Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T., for the Hudson’s Bay Co., when he joined the family business after promising to go back and finish university.

Mackie never did go back and was with Mackie Travel for 32 years. In 1980, he was one of the first western travel agents to be allowed into China in 1980.

He also survived polio as a child and prostate cancer just last year, but he doesn’t dwell on those difficult times.

“Part of my attitude now is ‘it’s been done, it’s over, thank you very much,’ get on with my life,” said Mackie, who loves to cook and has travelled to Europe over 70 times.

Mackie’s latest passion is the creation of a Winnipeg-based chapter of Menshed’s, an Australian program that encourages economic development in small communities. It also acts as a way to bring men together to improve their health and well-being. There are 150 clubs in Australia, but none in North America.

“I am not afraid to jump in and get involved,” said Mackie.

Mackie will receive $5,000 as part of the award. As well, $1,500 will be donated to a charity of his choice.

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